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Green insect control

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Green insect control

The term green control has appeared in recent times significantly and this term means the expansion of the use of tools and natural materials in the control work and making the use of pesticides the last solution.

There are several principles that Alex Group company follows when providing green pest management service:

* Screening and focusing on conditions that could attract pests, such as moisture.
* Eliminate pest entry points such as blocking openings and cracks.
* Continuous monitoring and control of problems before they get out of control.
* The use of low-impact materials and bait in the form of gels and mechanical traps while reducing the use of materials and activating innovative materials that can be used, which facilitates organic control.
* Executing specific applications on the pest and determining the necessary quantities of materials to accomplish this task, no more, no less.
* Kill pests using innovative techniques such as vacuum, heat or steam treatment.

We provide environmentally friendly ways to service the site and use pest control products that keep our customers safe and our approach is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
With IPM and Alex Group, technicians trained to inspect buildings for the site are available to identify all points of pest infiltration with recommendations to reduce these problems and to use organic materials that produce the greatest impact with the least impact on the environment. These steps represent our "green approach."

How to manage the green approach to pest control:

Communication between clients and the pest control technician is the key and one of the most important components of a green management pest control program.
Alex Group's engineers periodically alert you to minor changes that can lead to preventing pests from entering the site, and when you see any pest activity you must contact us immediately before it becomes a bigger problem.

To ensure that insects and rodents are completely eliminated, you can call us at 01144508060 - 0237209097 or you can fill out a service request below.