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It may be familiar to some to see cockroaches roaming inside offices, but they do not want to be inside their home, and cockroaches can eat any kind of food in your office, including waste that falls while eating food and drinks spilled on the floors, and cockroaches from throwing insects And their waste can be transmitted to humans, especially in closed spaces, causing many diseases, especially allergic diseases.

How to create an environment suitable for the growth of insects:-

The presence of problems in plumbing, which leads to the presence of leaked water droplets on which insects coexist
The presence of food residues that we have not disposed of, with which insects can coexist
Lack of attention to hygiene has a major impact on the growth of insect populations
Always not ventilating the place and entering direct sunlight has a severe impact on the spread of insects

Ways to control cockroaches inside the facility:-

It is important to determine which type of cockroach is present on the site. Specialized technicians can be contacted to obtain the necessary assistance to determine the type of cockroach.
For example, low humidity can prevent German cockroaches from breeding, as well as may require controlling both temperature and humidity to control American cockroaches.
• You must know where cockroaches hide and what kind of food and drink they prefer.
• Preventing them from obtaining food, water and shelter by fixing leaks, blocking entry holes, removing waste, and ensuring that places are clean daily.
Cockroaches prefer dark places, so monitoring sites should include cracks in the wall, inside cupboards and stairs, behind wall clocks, and under drains.
• Some pesticides cause irritation to cockroaches, instead of killing them, so you must make sure that you do not transfer the infestation from one place to another place.
• Using pesticides, you must always read and follow the directions on the packaging carefully.
• After the cockroaches are eliminated, preventive and maintenance measures must be continued to keep them away from the place always.