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Rodent control

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Rodent control

Rodent control depends on six basic steps:-

1- Cleaning and arranging the site and removing any debris in order to reduce the opportunity for rodents to establish their nests and eat water and food freely before placing baits for them.
2- Searching for traces of the presence of rodents and determining their type, and there are many signs, including loan, fresh feces and footprints.
3- Choose the appropriate bait for each type of rodent.
4- Follow up the rate of consumption of grafts and put the sufficient quantities to completely eliminate the infection.
5- Prevent rodents from entering again by blocking openings and cracks through which rodents enter.

6- Continuous periodic follow-up once every 15 days at least with no termination of the program, as the rodents have the ability to produce a new generation every 21-22 days according to the species.

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