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Landscaping and design

Alex Group offers you the best public and private landscaping and design services with creative ideas and a futuristic outlook on what your garden should be.

We are honored to provide our clients with our services as follows:-

Designing, landscaping and planting gardens.
Maintenance and rehabilitation of small gardens and large landscapes.
Design, installation and maintenance of modern irrigation networks (regular and automatic)
Supply and maintenance of garden and home cultivation supplies (cutting machines - pruners - seeds - fertilizers - agricultural equipment - pesticides - vegetable compost - …….)
Supplying and planting all ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamental palms and natural grass.
Supplying and growing fruit trees and date palms. Supply, maintenance and coordination of indoor shade plants.
Establishing and caring for fruit farms, pivot, drip and sprinkler networks.
Execution of hard scape works complementary to the decor of gardens (walkers - waterfalls - fountains - artificial lakes - random marble - implementation of water parks - wrought iron works - wooden pergolas - basements - compact slabs - garden lighting - water pools - gypsum decorations)

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