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Fighting stray animals

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Fighting stray animals

Nature of damage caused by stray animals:-

It has been scientifically proven that the dog is a carrier of some dangerous diseases, as a worm lives in its intestine called the spore, which produces its eggs with its faeces, and when it licked its anus with its tongue, these eggs are transferred to it, then it is transferred from it to the utensils and dishes and the hands of its owners, and from there it enters their stomach and intestines, the eggshell dissolves and the embryos come out Which leaks into the blood and phlegm, and travels with them to all parts of the body, especially to the liver because it is the main filter in the body ...

Then it grows in the organ into which it enters and forms a sac filled with the offspring, and with a clear liquid like spring water, and the cyst may grow until it becomes the size of the head of the fetus, and the disease is called hydrocystic disease and its symptoms depend on the organ in which you bite, and the most dangerous is what was in the brain or in the heart muscle And he had no treatment except surgery ... There is another dangerous disease transmitted by the dog, which is rabies, which is caused by a leaky birthmark that first infects the dog, then it is transmitted to the human through the dog’s saliva by biting or licking it through a wound in the human body ...

The fight against cats, dogs, scorpions and foxes depends on several methods and includes the following:-

      1- Cleansing technique.
      2- Live baiting technique.
      3- Capture technology.
      4- Anesthesia technique.

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