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Crawling insects control

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Crawling insects control

Crawling Insects Control: -

Crawling insects are among the most widespread insects on the planet, and among the most important types of crawling insects and most widespread in Egypt are cockroaches, ants, bugs, fleas, silverfish and many other insects.

To eliminate these insects, certain steps must be followed to get rid of these insects ...

The control of crawling insects (cockroaches) depends on five basic steps: -

Step 1:
Remove all live cockroaches by using a vacuum cleaner to reduce the density significantly.

Step 2:
Local injection of the pesticide in hard-to-reach areas where cockroaches live, and this is the step after which you end up seeing the cockroaches again in these areas.

Step 3:
Then the customer seals the openings and crevices to eliminate the cockroach hiding and escaping sources.

Step 4:
The use of bait (gel) that kills all stages of cockroaches that are still alive.

Step 5:
The use of growth regulators to prevent the growth and reproduction of cockroaches again inside the facility.